27 Aug. Sustainability and Its Discontents

Featured Image: Blade Runner 2049

Part I. Poster Assignment Overview

In order to get started creating our poster, lets work on the following:
  • 1. Reread the Poster Assignment page
  • 2. Take 5 minutes and make a short list of movies, tv shows, or video games you think show ways ideas about the future shape social interaction, technological development, and/or environmental relationships.
  • 3. Take 5 minutes and choose movie, show, or video game from the list you generated and then think how the future in the text you choose confirms or contradicts what Cohen says in his essay.

Part II. Reflection on First Week Video

Take 6-7 minutes and respond to the prompts below in a Word or Google Doc. Since you will be required to include reflections in your Final Portfolio, please file this reflection with your other process documents.
  • 1. Explain one way your First Week Video met one Course Goal/Concept.
  • 2. Given the opportunity to revise, what is one thing you would change in the Video and why?
  • 3. In what ways would you like to improve your video editing skills?

Part III. Canvas Portfolio Basics

Follow along in Canvas as I walk you through the following:
  • 1. Creating and naming your Canvas Portfolio
  • 2. Creating and managing pages
  • 3. Configuring pages: rich text, embedding, etc.
  • 4. Uploading .pdf files and embedding video

Part IV. Sustaining the Future?

Let’s get into groups and answer the following questions about Scott Davies, “Sustainable Nostalgia.” Be prepared to cite and interpret textual evidence in response to your question during class discussion.
  • 1: What does “sustainability” mean according to Davies? What are some of its complexities, or rather what accounts for the term’s “political attractiveness” (262)?
  • 2: How does the Brundtland report (i.e. Our Common Future) define sustainability? Why do you think that definition has been so influential (263)?
  • 3: According to Davies, why have some members of the environmental movement called for the term “sustainability” to be recalled or replaced? Why does Davies disagree with such a call (264)?
  • 4: What does Davies mean when he says that the dream of sustainability is synonymous with a nostalgia for the future (264)? Does this weird idea fix some of the problems with sustainability as a concept/practice?



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