23 April. Podcast Reflection & Final Portfolio W/S.


  • I’ll be in my office 10-2 next Thursday, May 2 if you would like to pick up your objects. Also, for those of whose objects will be displayed, I think they can be picked up over the summer. I teach 10-12 during the second short session, so email me if you want the objects back and we can work something out
  • You all did terrific work this semester! It’s been a pleasure!


  • While revision is built into all major assignments, during the semester you will have the opportunity to revise one major assignment that earns a B- or below. If you wish to revise a graded assignment, meet with me during office hours or by appointment to discuss steps and due dates. The revised assignment will receive an entirely new grade (not an average of the old and new grade).

Part I. Podcast Reflection

Take 6-7 minutes and respond to the prompts below in a Word or Google Doc. Since you will be required to include reflections in your Final Portfolio, please file this reflection with your other process documents.
  • 1. Explain one way your Podcast met one Course Goal/Concept.
  • 2. Given the opportunity to revise, what is one thing you would change in the Project and why?
  • 3. In what ways did the project help you think differently about your writing process?
  • 4. Be prepared to share your responses to the questions above

Part II. Portfolio Workshop

Please complete the following individually or in groups:
  • 1. Open up your Canvas portfolio and, if applicable, add all your final artifacts and process documents
  • 2. Overview of page building/adding documents in Canvas. 1. process documents as .pdf files from Google Drive & 2. embedding web pages
  • 3. Once you have a had a chance to work for 10-15 minutes, form a group around the page of the portfolio you have the most questions about.

Embedding Web Pages in Canvas Portfolio:

The html is below: All you need to do is substitute the src (which is currently another student’s url) with your url.

<iframe id=”here” class=”here” height=”600″ width=”1000″ src=”https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/identidog/ENGL1101/index.html”></iframe>


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