Theoretical Analysis


According to one or more of the authors we have read so far this semester, how does the concept of the future affect society, ecology, or technology? 

  • 1. For full credit your response to the prompt above must be at least 500 words long.
  • 2. Please also cite and analyze at least one passage from the theoretical text you chose and then synthesize your analysis into the larger argument you make in response to the prompt.
  • 3. All Blog Posts must be in MLA format when applicable and also include a featured image. The image you choose can illustrate claims made in the post, or you may want to pull a still image from the contemporary movie, TV show, or video game you plan to analyze for the Vide Essay.


Blog Post: What’s the most significant threat to the future of life on earth? 

Featured Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Images


In 200-600 words, explain what you think poses the single greatest threat to the future of life on earth. Please include at least one link to an online example of the threat you discuss as well as a Featured Image and at least one in-text image. Be sure to briefly explain why you think the threat you chose surpasses other threats. Also, offer a few ways you think the threat can be neutralized.