11 April. The Future of Atlanta SLS Partners Panel


  • 1. Remember to meet at Clough 144 today at 11:00-11:50 for our Partners Panel, instead of our regularly scheduled class times/places. Please also be prepared to ask questions.
  • 2. I advise you to record some or all of the panel, and I will also make the audio file from our recording available to you.

Class Leads

Please note: the final class leads have been rescheduled for April 23.

Invited Speakers

  • Darryl Haddock, Director of Environmental Education and Proctor Creek Ambassador at West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA)
  • Heather Hussey-Coker, Special Projects Manager at Atlanta Beltlinet
  • Bradley Mitchell, Director of Business Development at Quest Community Development Organization

Panel Topic: The Future of Atlanta

All disciplines and professions have to be mindful of ways the choices we make now will affect the generations that come after us. Similarly, practitioners in all professions imagine an ideal future and then make decisions based on what they think is the best way to achieve that future. While we have composed creative projects so far this semester, we are excited to learn about ways real-world projects come to be through a blend of visionary planning and practical action.

Some Questions you can expect the partners to discuss:

1. What is your ideal vision for the future of your project? Say you had all the resources and support you needed, what would the West Atlanta Watershed basins or the Beltline look like in 5-10 years? What is an ideal future for English Avenue and Vine City? What would you like to see Atlanta look like in 50 or 100 years?
2. How do your visions for the future of Atlanta’s people, neighborhoods, ecosystems, and social/cultural networks shape the choices you make now?
3. How can students become involved (and stay involved) with sustainability projects in their communities? Or, as these students go on to design new energy technology, build complex structural systems, and cure diseases, how can they remain mindful of how their choices shape the future for a web of stakeholders?
4. May students and I film and record part of all of the panel presentation to use as part of our final project for the unit?