PD 3: Group Presentation Topic Proposal

Featured Image: Recreation of Man at the Crossroads (renamed Man, Controller of the Universe), originally created in 1934 (detail)


In your pairs, please respond to the prompts below in a paragraph or list, and then upload the document to Canvas as .pdf or .docx file no later the 5:00 PM. Highlight each member’s contribution, and only one member of the pair needs to submit the final document.

  • 1. In 200-300 words, pick a goal/project outlined in the final pages of “H.Res.109” that you would like to develop your presentation around, and the explain what problems that goal/project aims to solve.
  • 2. In 200-300 words, imagine what the world would be like if the goal you chose was achieved or the project outlined in the “H.Res.109” had been completed.
  • 3. In 200-300 words, briefly explain/imagine how the goal/project you chose was achieved.
  • 4. Include 3-4 images you might want to use to illustrate your presentation.


As long as you post your response to Canvas on or before the due date, you will earn full points per document. Remember these activities are process documents that develop skills we will use in class and in the final paper. The documents also provide an opportunity for invention and revision.



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