Presentation Schedule


To earn the total 10%, please complete the following: 
Each of you will be assigned a panel presentation on one of the three main artifacts. You will also be responsible, in pairs, to take note during a class and lead class discussion the successive date.


After completing the activities, students should be able to
  • 1. Devise best practices for engaging audiences in discussion
  • 2. Choose most useful themes from class projects/readings

Panel Presentations

Please complete the following for full credit for the Panel Presentations:

We have 3 Artifact Workshops this semester. Each of you will be assigned to give an informal, 3-4 minute presentation on one of those dates. During your very short presentation, you will talk with the rest of the class about the goals of your project and the choices you made to achieve those goals. After we hear from each member of the panel, presenters will facilitate small group, peer workshop sessions for the remainder of the class period. 

Guidelines: Panel Presentation 1, Video Essay

Presenters, please be prepared to discuss the following for no longer than 5 minutes.
  • 1. Briefly explain the argument you make in your Video Essay
  • 2. Briefly explain how you analyze a scene from the film, show, or game you chose to support your claim.
  • 3. Briefly describe the part of your Video Essay that you think is most sucessful and why.

Guidelines for Panel Presentation 3, April 16

If you are scheduled to present on April 16, please come prepared to share the following with the class:
  • 1. Share 30-60 seconds of audio recording
  • 2. Share one or two annotations or resources you are using to support your final project
  • 3. Narrate your Podcast composition process

Class Lead

Please complete the following for full credit on the Class Lead Activity:
You will all be assigned one class period during which you and one other student are required to take notes, photos, video, or audio. Then at the beginning of the next class period, you will Recap the previous class and get us started by asking a discussion question on the day’s reading.

Please Note

  • 1. if you are scheduled for a Panel Presentation for the first Artifact, you will not Lead Class till the second or third Artifact unit.
  • 2. While you are welcome to coordinate with you classmates, both presentations are individual
  • 3. Both presentations will be assessed on the basis of the presentation; you do not need to hand in any supplementary materials