Group Presentations


The Presentation is worth 20% of your total grade:
For this project you will create 20 minute presentations in groups of 2 that imagine what it would look like if a goal or project outlined by HR109 has been accomplished. For full credit you will perform your present for the class and then convert your presentation into a slideshow with an audio track.


Upon completion of their project, students should be able to
  • 1. Identify the history and potential of rhetorical figures common to literary and environmental discourse, as well as The Green New Deal. 
  • 2. Demonstrate rhetorical awareness by persuading audiences of the soundness of your goals through rhetoric in multiple modes
  • 3. Create an alternative future or timeline that invites your audience to reconsider our present trajectories

Presentation Checklist

Complete the following for full credit:
  • 1. Choose from one of the goals/projects that the Green New Deal aims to accomplish in 10 years and then write a slideshare presentation to the present moment from 2030 when the goal/project you chose has been accomplished.
  • 2. Show your audience what life is like now that the goal or project, which you drew from “H.Res.109,” has been reached/implemented ten years in the future
  • 3. Describe the aims or scope of the goal/project you chose and the problems that the implementation of that goal/project solved
  • 4. List the steps taken to complete the project and/or reach the aims of the goal you chose
  • 5. Analyze the potential that your goal/project has for development/revision going forward
  • 6. Support and develop the presentation through the direct citation of at least four authoritative sources: 2 sources from in-class reading and 2 sources you find on your own. Please upload a works cited with the final version of your presentation. Works Cited can be included on a final slide in the presentation. Also, draw class sources from any reading assigned all semester; use sources to support claims, define key terms, challenge or develop arguments/ideas in popular media. 
  • 7. Respond to the prompt above with a talk and presentation that has at least 15 slides. Slides should have minimal copy and communicate your understanding of the topic. When you present be sure your spoken portion is in synch with the slide scroll.
  • 8. After you complete the slideshow presentation in class export the PowerPoint to imovie, and record your narration over the slide show
  • 9. Upload your slides and the video of your presentation filmed in-class


Please consider the following tools as you compose your presentations: 
Power Point, iMovie, or Google Slides. All three tools have a setting for automatic advance, and the links direct you to ‘how to’ animate videos.


The Presentation is worth 20% of your total grade and will be assessed according to the final criteria adapted from the Common Feedback Chart:
  • 1. Rhetorical Awareness: Does the Presentation address writing the situation (and assignment) completely and/or with unexpected insight? Does the Presentation fulfill the assigned design requirements? Does the presentation fulfill the goals of both the Presentation session and final recorded draft of slideshow? (20%)
  • 2. Stance: Does the Presentation clearly articulate a unifying argument/goal? Does the Presentation illustrate ways concepts the accomplishing the Green New Deal goal/project of their choice changed the future? (20%)
  • 3. Development of Ideas: Does the presentation develop its claim by explicating the key concept and development issue visually and verbally? During the Presentation author engage with audiences visually and verbally? (20%)
  • 4. Organization: Does the author establish a clear pattern for reading through design principles and color, lines, etc.? (20%)
  • 5. Design for Medium/Conventions: Do individual slides and the presentation as a whole use the affordances of its mode to enhance the goal/content? For example, does the author foreground visual iconography and proximity over chunks of text? Does the Presentation meet grammar, mechanics style, and syntax conventions with few or no errors? (10%)
  • 6. Process/Peer Review: Does the final draft demonstrate planning and revision? What cumulative score did you receive from the Student Response Sheet?(10%)