9 July. Reflection & Final Portfolio W/S 2

Today’s Video
Video Overview of Discussion Reflection of New Futures Project & how to build your Artifact 2, New Futures Final Portfolio Page

Discussion 7 Prompt

What are the defining features of the genre you used in this project, and how did you make use of those features? You may also want to consider, who is the intended audience for your New Futures project, and how did you use the generic features of the project to engage your audience?

Building Artifact 2 Final Portfolio Page

If you get lost, just watch the videos posted to the sidebar of the Final Portfolio page. Otherwise, just follow along as I create a Portfolio in Canvas and create/arrange pages:
  • 1. Navigate to Canvas and then click on account and then choose ePortfolio from the right hand menu.
  • 2. Next, Click on the Portfolio Link you created last week
  • 3. Now, choose the page you created called “Artifact 2: New Futures”
  • 4. Once inside that page, click the button “Edit this page”
  • 5. Finally, add one text box for you introduction, a HTML/Embedded Content box, where you will paste the embed code for the .pdf of your New Project from Google Drive, and two more HTML/Embedded Content box, where you will embed the two Process Documents for this unit, PD4: Greatest Threat and PD5: World Building Worksheet, finally create one final Rich Text Content box for the Artifact Reflection Checklist

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