30 June. Utopia, Book I Overview & Threat Diagnosis

Today’s Video
  • Video One: Threat Diagnosis and Determining the Validity of Sources
  • Video Two: Utopia, Book I Overview

Determining the Validity of Sources

Utopia, Book I Overview

The Video provides an overview of the following topics in Book I of Thomas More’s Utopia (1516):
  • 1. What is a utopia and what motivates writers to compose them?
  • 2. Why was England hanging so many people when Raphael Hythloday visited there?
  • 3. How does Raphael propose to stop some or all of the hangings?
  • 4. How can we use More’s book as “an imaginal machine freeing us from the tyranny of the present while undermining master plans for the future” (Open Utopia)



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