18 June. Arks & Apocalypse.

Today’s Videos will cover the following:
  • Video One: Key ideas in Jeffrey Cohen’s “Noah’s Arkive,” and ways to apply key ideas in Noah’s Arkive to contemporary media.
  • Video Two: Overview of the Poster project composition process and requirements

Poster Project Overview


Part II. Discussion, Cohen, “Noah’s Arkive”

I examine the Jeffrey Cohen’s essay through the following set of questions:
According to Jeffrey Cohen, what are some ways we represent the future, i.e. stories, movies, images, etc.? What are the benefits and drawbacks to the modes of representation he analyzes?

Part III. Application, Imaginative Limits in Media

The video cut off before I could cover this section, so you may want to consider, on your own, ways Intersteller illustrates not only Cohen, but also hooks.

  • At the end of the essay’s first paragraph, Jeffrey Cohen explains that when we imagine the future, “We cannot not think in catastrophic terms.” Then he asks, “But as we brace for denouement in storm and tempest, what does our apocalyptic imagination unveil about the limits of our environmental frames, the limits of the stories that we tell?”
  • The clips below illustrate both the potentials and limits of apocalyptic thinking and/or the stories we tell about the future.


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