25 June. Poster Drafting

Today’s Video
Video: Digital Citizenship–some notes on citing images and fair use

Drafting Your Poster

If you are having trouble getting going on your poster, take 10-15 minutes to complete the following. You are not required to submit this draft.
  • 1. Either on a piece of paper or in the design software of your choice, draw the overall layout you plan to use in your poster. For example, what are the categories of information you plan to represent and which of the poster forms that we reviewed (or combination of those forms), will best communicate the content of the poster?
  • 2. Draw or place some images in your grid: How can do you plan to guide readers’ attention through your poster? Where do you plan to locate major and images? How can you organize other images and written text around that those featured images?
  • 3. Make color choices and add headings: What color and design theme best suits your project? What sorts of headings can/should you use? Where should those headings go?

Digital Citizenship

Keep the following in mind as you design your poster:

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