6 July. The Evaluators & Black Future Month

Featured Image: Mehreen Murtaza Triptych, The Shadows Took Shape, an Afrofuturism show at the Studio Museum of Harlem

Today’s Video
Video Overview of all the elements of Jemisin’s story and essay & narrative techniques you can use in your New Futures Project

Overview: “The Evaluators,” How Long Till Black Future Month, & Narrative Technique

The video will cover the following:
  • 1.What does NK Jemisin love about speculative fiction (i.e. science fiction, fantasy, horror, utopian/dystopian fiction, comics, magic realism, etc.), and what about this broad and popular genre disappoints her?
  • 2. For Jemisin what does it mean to celebrate and imagine the Black future (in addition to archiving and honoring Black History)?
  • 3. According to Jemisin’s story, what are the major problem in our world/the world fictional of earth that the Contact Team in habit?
  • 4.How does Jemisin’s fictional world Dar-Mankana solve for the problems that plague Earth OR what are “The Evaluators”?
  • 5. How can both of Jemisin’s text act as model for the projects you are working on?


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