13 July. Pecha Kutcha Video

Today’s Video
Today’s videos cover the following: Overview of the final unit (The Future of ATL), Overview of the Pecha Kutcha Video Project, and Introduction to Pecha Kutcha Presentations

Overview of Final Unit

Overview of Pecha Kutcha Video

Intro to Pecha Kutcha

The questions below are for your consideration only. Keep them in mind as you watch Eddie Selover’s TEDx talk about Pecha Kutcha, but you are not required to respond to them in any formal way.
  • 1. What are the elements of a good/great presentation?
  • 2. According to Eddie Selover’s, what is a Pecha Kutcha? What do Pecha Kutcha presentations do that other presentation styles cannot? Are Pecha Kutcha presentations more or less successful than other presentation styles?

How PechaKucha Changed My Life: Eddie Selover at TEDxOrlando

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