1 July. Utopia, Book II Overview

Today’s Video
Video: Overview of all the elements of More’s Utopia, Book II and how they are interrelated

Elements of Utopia

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How, according to Raphael Hythloday, Utopia transformed the element of society assigned you to solve some of the problems plaguing 16th c. England?
  • 1. Geography, city and/or neighborhood planning
  • 2. Interpersonal and social relationships
  • 3. Labor Practices and/or slavery
  • 4. Economic Practices
  • 5. Religion and moral philosophy
  • 6. Travel, transportation, and/or trade
  • 7. Education
  • 8. Law/Government
  • 9. Health Care/Mental Health
  • 10. Natural world/environment 

Illustrations of Utopia, Book II

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