25 June. Poster Draft/Design Workshop


Please note the following changes have been made to the course calendar:
    Read Jeremy Davies, “Sustainable Nostalgia” for tomorrow and bring a draft of your poster to workshop. Also, had to cut Shakespeare and then moved More’s Utopia forward a couple of weeks.

Part I. Argument

Before we move into the drawing/designing portion of the workshop, spend a minute drafting a potential argument by completing the following:
  • 1. Read back through the process document you submitted last night and summarize it in 1-2 sentences. Be prepared to share some of your summaries.
  • 2. After we have heard some of the summaries, take a few minutes to develop the claim/central goal of the process document (and also of the draft of your poster) by responding to one or more of the following:

    What effect does the idea of the future have on the present in the movie/show?

    How does the show/move/game you chose show how technology both makes our futures uncertain, but also offer only hope for survival?

    If you are showing how contemporary show or movie is a lot like Noah’s Ark, what does that realization teach us?

    Is there a connection between pollution and lack of interpersonal connection?

    Why are audiences more likely to pay attention to disasters and catastrophes than other stories about the environment? What could other stories about the future of life do to engage audiences in the same way disaster narratives do now?


Part II. Drafting Your Poster

Now that you have a claim and an feature image, I try either drafting your poster from scratch OR draw the written work you have already done as a poster:
  • 1. Might want to draw out the way you plan to organize the information. For example, you might want to think about two or three main categories of information and draw a grid–two column poster? Three?
  • 2. What’s the central image or two you plan to use? How can you organize other images and written text around that those featured images?
  • 3. What color and design theme best suits your project?

Part III. Tools

Compose your Poster in the design software of your choice OR you may also create your poster through collage. The following are some tool suggestions:
  • Google Slides, Photoshop, or Power Point
  • Visme: lets you create block by block, either template or blank; animation function; more options for uploading video/audio; and full range of export options.
  • Pktochart: freehand or lots of free template design options; best map builder of the three tools; lots of shapes, illustrations, etc.; export function limited.
  • Canva: most work done from inside the main window; lots of shapes, boarders, illustrations, etc.; good support; templates are a bit blah; and no rich media export options.

Part IV. Multimedia Studio



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