22 & 23 July. Pecha Kutcha Presentation, Group 1 & 2

Presentation Directions

  • 1. So that we have enough time, we are going to hold off discussing the presentations till the end of class.
  • 2. We’ll listen to five presentations, then take a break, and then listen to five more before discussing the form and content of our peers’ projects.¬†
  • 3. In order to track our responses, I am passing out a response sheet. After each presentation, take a few minutes to collect the response sheet. Also, I will collect the sheets at the end of class today.
  • 4. I know I’m adding this last minute, so I apologize, but will each of you have your friend film your presentation?

Group 1: Monday, July 22

Presentation Time Student Name
1 Hannah
2 Sierra
3 Tracy
4 Lelah
5 Azucena
6 Kathleen
7 Jane
8 Chris
9 Jackson 
10 Bailey

Group 2: Tuesday, July 23

Presentation Time Student Name
1 Luis
2 Ali
3 Kelly
4 Will
5 Emanuel
6 Drew
7 Heath
8 Taylor
9 Martha
10 Vanessa



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