19 June. Welcome!

Part I. Introductions

Welcome to ENGL 1101, Back to the Future. Before we discuss the class, we are going to get to know one another better and by thinking about some of the questions we will be answer this semester: When you think of “the future” what do you imagine? How does out idea of the future shape our personal and professional choices?

Class Activity: Shared Futures

Please complete the following & be prepared to share with the class:
  • 1. Freewrite: take five minutes and respond to the following without stopping:

    What is your major and/or the volunteer or extra curricular work to which you contribute a good portion of your time?

    How does your discipline (i.e. major field) and/or extra curricular work shape the way you think about the future in both the short and long term?

    What ideas of the future does your discipline hold and how does that idea of the future shape the do the choices you make in your present?

  • 2. Once you have written completed your freewrite, find a partner, WHO YOU DO NOT KNOW, introduce yourselves, and discuss your responses to the questions.  Where your answers overlap? Where do they differ?
  • 3. Once you have finished working in your pairs, please find another pair to work with. Once in your bigger groups, please introduce yourselves, and compare your answers. Once you have finished comparing, be prepared to share your favorite responses with the class.

Part II. Course Overview

Follow along as I review the following information all contained on the course site. After the review has concluded you will have time to complete the Student Instructor Agreement Form.

Part III. Responding to Vice Article

Take 15-20 minutes read Nafeez, “New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization  Coming to an End’ in 2050” (Vice 4 June 2019) and then consider the following questions. Once finished, we will chat about your responses:

1.What’s the overall goal/claim of the article?

2. What tactics, i.e. evidence, credibility, figurative language, etc., does the article use to make its case?

3. Are you persuaded/scared?

4. What does this article have in common with your favorite science fiction?

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