17 July. Pecha Kutcha Script Drafting & Portfolio W/S


Part I. Freewrite

Take 10 minutes and respond to the following without stopping:
How do visions for the future of Atlanta’s people, neighborhoods, ecosystems, and/OR social/cultural networks shape the choices made by community partners at a redevelopment site of your choice, i.e. Transformation Alliance, the Beltline, the Conservation Fund, etc.?

Part II. Image Search/Collection

Take 15-20 minutes to search and collect possible images that illustrate major components of your freewrite:
  • 1. How can you integrate photos you have taken?
  • 2. How can/should you integrate images we have encountered in our reading and/or from our Partners?
  • 3. What sorts of images can/should you pull from databases to help illustrate & develop your presentation?

Part III. Collaborative Drafting

Let’s get into groups and spend 10-15 minutes discussion the following:
  • What are your presentation topics, major images, and organizational strategies? What works and why?
  • How do your presentations compliment each others’?

Part IV. Script Drafting

Create double column script by combining the written response with the images you have started to collect:
  • 1. In double column scripting the image goes on the left and the copy goes on the right as in this example script
  • 2. You can make your script in a tool of your choice, but both Google docs and word have table making options. Alternatively, you can draft these script right in Google Slides OR Power Point
  • 3. As you compile the script, think about how the images and copy fit together to communicate your claim or goal. That is, what sort of structure best fits the story you want to tell in your presentation? What sorts of opening and closing images best grab audiences attention? When moving from slide to slide, also consider how you might use contrast and echoes to help audiences better understand the goal of your presentation.

Part V. Portfolio W/S

Please take 10 minutes to complete the following:
how have you developed as a communicator over the course of the semester?


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