15 July. Portfolio W/S & Final Presentation.

Housekeeping, Part 1

  • 1. Remember to meet at Lindsey St. Park tomorrow, for our of the park by Shannon Lee of the Conservation Fund. Lindsey St. Park is located at 551 Oliver St. Atlanta, GA 30314. The tour will run 12:30-1:45.
  • 2. Please wear outdoor clothes, as well as sun and bug spray! BRING WATER! TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES ON OUR VISIT!
  • 3. Please note, you are responsible for your own transportation to the park. You may drive yourself or take an Uber/Lyft. The park is 1.7 miles from GaTech, so there are also public transportation options.
  • 4. Take as much time as you need to figure out your travel arrangements for tomorrow.¬†


Housekeeping, Part 2

  • 1. I need for everyone to attend the iGniTe Closing Workshop, 1:00PM-3:00PM in the Brittain Rec Room on Friday, July 19.
  • 2. Because I am asking everyone to attend a class that is outside of regular class perimeters, I am happy to make Thursday an optional work day. What that means is, instead of regularly scheduled class on Thursday, July 18, I will be in my office 10AM-3PM. I invite you to drop in to ask me any questions or share slide show drafts with me, but we will not meet in class.
  • 3. Who would like to make Thursday optional? What does that mean for the rest of the week?

II. Developing ATL

Take a few minutes, on your own or with a friend, and respond to the following questions about the VOX ATL Commentary article:
  • 1. According to the VOX ATL article, what are the benefits and drawbacks to ATL’s redevelopment?
  • 2. What sorts of evidence does the article use to reach its audience? What sorts of visual media does it use & is that media effective, why/why not?

IV. Pecha Kutcha Presentations 

  • 1. What are the elements of a good/great presentation?
  • 2. According to Eddie Selover’s, what is a Pecha Kutcha? What do Pecha Kutcha presentations do that other presentation styles cannot? Are Pecha Kutcha presentations more or less successful than other presentation styles?

How PechaKucha Changed My Life: Eddie Selover at TEDxOrlando

Before we take a break, let’s chat briefly about the Lindsey St. Park Materials Ms. Lee provided us.

Portfolio W/S, Part 1. New Futures Reflection

Take 6-7 minutes and respond to the prompts below in a Word or Google Doc. Since you will be required to include reflections in your Final Portfolio, please file this reflection with your other process documents.
  • 1. Explain one way your New Futures met one Course Goal/Concept.
  • 2. Given the opportunity to revise, what is one thing you would change in the Project and why?
  • 3. In what ways did the project help you think differently about your writing process?
  • 4. Be prepared to share your responses to the questions above

Portfolio W/S, Part II. Building Pages

Please complete the following individually or in groups:
  • 1. Open up your Canvas portfolio and, if applicable, add all your final artifacts and process documents
  • 2. Overview of page building/adding documents in Canvas. 1. process documents as .pdf files from Google Drive & 2. embedding web pages
  • 3. Once you have a had a chance to work for 10-15 minutes, form a group around the page of the portfolio you have the most questions about.

Embedding PDFs & Google Docs in Canvas


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