10 July. New Futures Drafting & Utopia II

Part I. Brochure Design

Get out the sketches of your future world that you did yesterday, so we can covert them to a brochure:
  • 1. Who’s your audience for this project? How does the audience you imagine determine some of the choices you will/can make for this project?

    If you haven’t already, describe your world in a sentence or less to someone who hasn’t been there before: try to persuade them to go OR warn them about it.

  • 2. Navigate to an open source design tool of your choice, such as Adobe Spark, Pktochart, OR Canva
  • 3. Translate the sketch of you place into a design template of your choice in the tool of your choice.

Part II. Elements of Utopia

Organize yourselves into pairs & then I’ll assign you a category.

Once your category has been assigned, take 10-15 discuss with your partner how, according to Raphael Hythloday, Utopia transformed the element of society assigned you to solve some of the problems plaguing 16th c. England.

Finally, draw your findings in the board & be prepared to cite evidence from Utopia, Book II during class discussion.

  • 1. Geography, city and/or neighborhood planning
  • 2. Interpersonal and social relationships
  • 3. Labor Practices and/or slavery
  • 4. Economic Practices
  • 5. Religion and moral philosophy
  • 6. Travel, transportation, and/or trade
  • 7. Education
  • 8. Law/Government
  • 9. Heath Care/Mental Health
  • 10. Natural world/environment 

Part III. Problems in Our Futures

Get into 4-5 or five groups and complete the following:
  • 1. Each member of the group take 2 minutes to pitch the other members on your world.
  • 2. Whose future world would you most like to visit & why? I whose future world would you most like to live & why?


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