1-3 July. Remote Classes: Reflection, World Building, Independent Conferences


If you have questions about how to upload your Poster .pdf and pitch video to Canvas, I posted a How-To video on the Poster page, or you can watch it below:

How-To Share Video’s From YouTube & How to Upload to Canvas

1 July Overview

Part I. Poster Reflection

In order to draft your Reflective Essay and Artifact Responses for the Final Portfolio, please freewrite in response to the following prompt for 8-10 minutes. You do not need to hand in your responses. Instead, we respond to similar prompts all semester and then revise them into final drafts.
Narrate the story of how your Poster Project drafting process. Your “story” should proceed through the following: Did you start by responding to the prompt? Did you start with a key chunk of text you wanted to write about? What sorts of invention writing did you do? What classroom activities/discussions developed/changed your thinking? What sort of feedback did you receive? What changed draft to draft?

Finally, respond to the following in a few sentences: how does your experience drafting the Poster Project compare to writing process you practiced in high school?

Part II. World Building Worksheet

Please find links to shared Googled Docs below. Click on your group link, and complete the tasked assigned in the Doc. Please email with any questions.

Independent Conferences, Tuesday, July 2

Conference Time Student Name
12:30 Luis
12:40 Ali
12:50 Kelly
1:00 Will
1:10 Emanuel
1:20 Drew
1:30 Heath
1:40 Taylor
1:50 Martha
2:00 Vanessa

Independent Conferences, Wednesday, July 3

Conference Time Student Name
12:30 Hannah
12:40 Sierra
12:50 Tracy
1:00 Lelah
1:10 Azucena
1:20 Kathleen
1:30 Jane
1:40 Chris
1:50 Jackson 
2:00 Bailey

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