Oct 22. New Futures Reflection & Intro to Green New Deal

Featured Image: Eberlin, Sven. “The Art of the Green New Deal.” Medium. 22 April 2019. 

Portfolio W/S 1: New Futures Reflection

Take 6-7 minutes and respond to the prompts below in a Word or Google Doc. Since you will be required to include reflections in your Final Portfolio, please file this reflection with your other process documents.
  • 1. Explain one way your New Futures met one Course Goal/Concept.
  • 2. Explain how the elements in your future world relate to one another. For example, if you have society where cars have been outlawed, for example, how would interpersonal relationships change?
  • 3. In what ways did the project help you think differently about your writing process?

Portfolio W/S 2: Building Pages & Embedding .PDFs

Please complete the following individually or in groups:
  • 1. Open up your Canvas portfolio and, if applicable, add all your final artifacts and process documents to the New Futures page
  • 2. Overview of page building/adding documents in Canvas. 1. process documents as .pdf files from Google Drive & 2. embedding web pages

Intro: Green New Deal & Presentations

Keep the following in mind as we watch Doyle Canning’ TEDx talk on the Green New Deal:

  • 1. What’s the overall goal of Canning’s talk?
  • 2. What are the major rhetorical features of her talk, i.e. what sorts of key terms or phrases does she use to frame her description?
  • 3. How does she use images in her talk, i.e what images stood out to you? How does she use the images to surprise the audience, inform them, provide context, etc.?

“The Case for the Green New Deal”

Take a few minutes, on your own or with a friend, and respond to the following questions about the The Weeds Podcast, “The Case for the Green New Deal”
  • 1. How does the dialogue compare to the presentation?
  • 2. What case does Julian Brave make? What sorts of rhetorical choices does he use to make his case?
  • 3. How does the interviewer, Matt Ingelseas, respond?

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