5 Nov. Sheldon & Pecha Kutcha Drafting

Featured Image: San Francisco Youth Climate March, 2019

Please Help the World & Sheldon, “Future”

After we watch Please Help the World, we’ll work through the following:
  • 1. take five and respond to the following: What is the goal of Please Help the World and what list three visual, verbal, audio rhetorical figures the video uses to achieve its goal?
  • 2. According to Sheldon, what is the relationship between the figure of the child and the future of the earth? What are the advantages/disadvantages to figuring the future in terms of the child? So what?
  • 3. How does Sheldon’s response to Please Help the World and/or her theory of reproductive futurism compare to one of the following contemporary responses to environmental degradation of your choice: Greta Thunberg, Sunrise Movement, or School Strike for Climate?

Presentation Design I. Image Search/Collection

You are free to work through the following on your own or in pairs/small groups:
  • 1. Now that you have begun to develop your topic, and we have spent time thinking about ways environmental discourse represents, i.e. figures, the future for a present afflicted by environmental degradation, spend 10 or so minutes compiling images that illustrate the topic you chose to present. 
  • 2. Be prepared to share the images you collected with the class

Presentation Design II. Image Search/Collection

Now that you have collected some images, we’ll work through the following:
  • 1. Let’s briefly review the Presentations from the Future Assignment.
  • 2. Given the assignment requirements, tak 5 or so minutes or so and draw the way you imagine you might organize your presentations: remember, you get 20 slides, so how will you portion those slides out as your respond to the prompt?  
  • 3. Finally, you may want to consider the following: how much or little text should you have per slide, how can you use repetition to communicate your goals, how can you use the transition from slide to slide to direct audience attention, and how can you thread authoritative sources through the presentation to develop the topic and your own credibility?  

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