3 Oct. Visualizing Your Future & Tempest, Act I

Visualizing Your Future

Take a 10-15 minutes and respond to the following:
  • 1. Draft a name for your future world.
  • 2. Sketch or briefly describe what your world looks like: what are its main geological features, what are some of its aesthetic traits, what do the people look like, what sorts of infrastructural or architectural features would standout to a visitor?
  • 3. Get into small groups and describe your world. Try to explain it like you would explain a place to someone who hasn’t been there before; try to persuade them to go/warn them about it.

Shakespeare’s, The Tempest, Act I

Let’s spend the remainder of our time discussing the following:
  • 1. First, let’s do a table read of 1.1. I’m going to assign roles, remember the role you are assigned.
  • 2. Does Prospero cause the storm?
  • 3. What sorts of criticisms does Prospero level at Milan? How has he attempted to redress the problems he outlines? Have his attempts been successful? 
  • 4. How does the past interrupt the present in the play? OR, does the future ever start from scratch like More’s Utopia seems to suggest?


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