26 Sept. Utopia, Book I & Future Threats

Future Threats, Discussion

Let’s take 20 or so minutes complete and discuss the following:

  • 1. Take 8-10 minutes to find an online source that supports/develops your diagnosis of what poses the greatest threat to the continued existence of life on earth.
  • 2. On your own OR in pairs, describe the genre & context of the article.
  • 3. Finally, what’s the overall goal of the article? How do you know, i.e what words, metaphors, rhetorical figures does the author use to telegraph his/her goal? 

Utopia, Book I: Problem/Solutions

Let’s spend some time talking about Book I:
  • 1. What’s the plot of Book I, where does the action take place, who are the characters and what do you think each of the characters stands for?
  • 2.  If the goal of Humanism is learning as much as possible in math, science, languages, philosophy and the arts how should a Humanist employ his knowledge? How does More respond? How does Hythloday? What’s your assessment?
  • 3. According to Book I of Utopia, what are the major problems facing England, i.e. How are sheep killing Englishmen? What sorts of problems does monarchy produce?
  • 4. What solutions do the characters propose to solve the problems they outline? Which of the solutions do you think is the best? Do you think the solution(s) will work? Why/why not?


Read back over the draft of your diagnosis, and respond to the following:
Now that we have discussed the first Book of More’s Utopia, make one or two formal and/or content changes to the diagnoses you drafted.

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