26 Nov. Presentation Day, 3


  • 1. The final drafts of the Pecha Kutcha Presentations are now due December 6 at 11:59PM. You can find help documentation on the Presentations From the Future assignment page, in the sidebar under “Presentation Resources.”
  • 2. The Final Portfolio assignment page has lots of new resources you may want to check out if you are putting your portfolio together over break


ENGL 1102. F3 ENGL 1102.D4
Thomas Tan
Erica Bahjat
Katherine William
Madison Emily
Joanna Rohit
Arjun Hamza

Presenter Response Form

Instructions: Please fill out a form for every presentation.

You have two options for responding to the form, you can open them in a new window, by clicking the link here https://forms.gle/UG1oPGju7JdpxWip9

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