14 Nov. Presentation W/S

Pecha Kutcha Tip Video


Consider the following as we watch the help video:
According to the video, or your own understanding, what characterizes a successful presentation?

Presentation Peer Review

Get into groups of 3, take 5 minutes each to share your draft with your group, and then discuss the following for each presentation:
  • 1. How do your peers’ presentation illustrate what life is like now that the goal/project they chose from “H.R.109” has been accomplished?
  • 2. How do your peers’ presentations describe the aims or scope of the goal/project you chose and the problems that the implementation of that goal/project solved?
  • 3. How do your peers’ presentation list the steps taken to complete the project and/or reach the aims of the goal you chose?
  • 4. How do your peers’ presentations analyze the potential that your goal/project has for development/revision going forward

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