7 Jan. Introductions.

Part I. Course Overview

Follow along as I review the following information all contained on the course site. After the review has concluded you will have time to complete the Student Instructor Agreement Form

Part II. Introductions

Welcome to ENGL 1102, Back to the Future. Before we discuss the class, we are going to get to know one another better and by thinking about some of the questions we will be answering this semester.

Class Activity: Shared Futures

Freewrite in response to the following without stopping for five minutes. Once you finish, share your responses with a partner or small group.
How does your discipline imagine or define the future, and how does that idea of the future shape the personal or professional choices you make in your present?

First Week Video

After we review the First Week Video Assignment and watch a couple of sample videos, we are going to respond to the following as a class:
  • 1. What portion of the student’s verbal argument was most successful and why?
  • 2. What visual of the student’s visual/electronic argument was most successful and why?
  • 3. Given what you learned from your experience last semester, what do you want to do differently in your video this semester OR for those of you who have made one video already, what advice would you give to students who have not made one yet?


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