12 March. Presentations, Day 4

Featured Image: New Deal Artwork


  • 1. I’ll email your peer feedback to you tomorrow
  • 2. For help turning your PowerPoint into video see this help doc
  • 3. As you may know, Tech set up a task force to monitor the unfolding consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak. Though we have not been charged with moving our classes online, I wanted to give you a sense of what a remote end of semester would like: screencast video lectures w/class activity, project invention/drafting activities, Canvas quizzes, and Skype conferencing. 


Each presentation pair will have 15-20 minutes to speak, which, time permitting, we will follow-up with a minute Q & A.

ENGL 1102. F3

Group Number Presentation Date Presenter Names
1 March 12 Ananth & Shivam
2 March 12 Janhvi & Shivani

ENGL 1102. N7

Group Number Presentation Date Presenter Names
1 March 12 Mir & Riely
2 March 12 Lucas & Rebecca
3 March 12 Caitlin & Kimmi
4 March 12 Andrew & Ethan

Presenter Response Form

Instructions: Please fill out at the conclusion of each presentation and prior to the Q & A:

You have two options for responding to the form, you can open them in a new window, by clicking the link here https://forms.gle/Si1PZn4EX99gDd396, or you can access the embedded form below.

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