7 April. Utopia, Book I.

Remote Class Instructions

  • 1. Watch the Video below
  • 2. Find you name in the table below, click on it, and answer the questions posed to your draft in the Google Doc by no later than Friday, April 10 by 11:59 PM
  • 3. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions

Utopia, Book I: Problem/Solutions

The video covers the following;
  • 1. What’s the plot of Book I, where does the action take place, who are the characters and what do you think each of the characters stands for?
  • 2.¬† Why do you think real world author, Thomas More, communicated his critique of England’s social and economic problems through an imaginary dialogue?
  • 3. According to Book I of Utopia, what are the major problems facing England, i.e. How are sheep killing Englishmen? What sorts of problems does monarchy produce?

ENGL 1102.F3 World Building Worksheet

ENGL 1102.N7: PD4: World Building Worksheet

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