11 Jan. Reflection, Portfolio W/S, More Intro.

Featured Image: Hanging gardens of One Central Park, Sydney

Part I. Artifact One: Poster Page

Please complete the following:
  • 1. Follow along as I will provide an overview of page building/adding .pdf documents in Canvas. Let me know if I need to go back over how to embed video.  
  • 2. Open up your Canvas portfolio and add the following documents to the Artifact 1 page: the video of your pitch, a .pdf or .jpeg of your poster, PD1 and PD2

Embedding PDFs & Google Docs in Canvas

Part II. Portfolio Reflection

Now that all your documents are in the Artifact I page of the portfolio, please narrate the story for your Poster Project composing process by responding to the following for approx. 8-10 minutes. Be prepared to share your responses and then build the Poster page in the Canvas Portfolios.
  • 1. Where did the idea for the poster begin?
  • 2. What sorts of invention writing did you do?
  • 3. What classroom activities/feedback developed/changed your thinking?
  • 4. What changed draft to draft?
  • 5. Finally, building off of your poster session freewrite (i.e., which poster did you like best and why), respond to the following in a few sentences: how did you conceptualize your audience drafted your poster, and what, if any, choices did you make in your pitch or design to align with their needs/interests? What do you know about your audience (i.e. classmates) that you didn’t know before the poster session, and how might you better address their needs/interests in the upcoming presentation? 
  • 6. Hang onto this draft, which you can revise for the introduction and reflection for your Artifact One: Poster page

Featured Image: Muir Glacier Before and After, NASA: Global Climate Change

Presentation Assignment

H.Res. 109

Respond to the following in pairs. Write your answer to question 3 on the board:
  • 1.What are the major findings of the IPCC, “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 C,” report from Nov 2018? What does the IPCC report recommend?
  • 2. According to the resolution, what crises are interrelated to environmental degradation the US facing?
  • 3. What specific goals or project that the Resolution calls for in response to the interrelated threats do you think is most promising and why?

A Message from the Future

Keep the following in mind as we watch the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Naomi Klein’s video from The Intercept:
  • 1. What goals or projects does the video imagine have been achieved?
  • 2. What verbal and/or visual rhetorical techniques does the video use to communicate both from the future and its other aims?


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