13 Feb. Maher & Presentations

Quiz 3: HR 109 & Maher

  • 1. Navigate to Canvas
  • 2. Click on Quiz 3: HR 109 & Maher
  • 3. Take 15 mins to respond to the short answer questions–Please note: Make sure all documents pertaining to the quiz are closed. You will only receive credit for answers in your own words

Presentation Group & Time Preference Form

Once you have finished your quiz, please fill out the form below:

A Message from the Future

Keep the following in mind as we watch the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Naomi Klein’s video from The Intercept:
  • 1. What goals or projects does the video imagine have been achieved?
  • 2. What verbal and/or visual rhetorical techniques does the video use to communicate both from the future and its other aims?

New Deal & Green New Deal (+Research)

Respond to the question assigned to your group with a 1 or 2 “sources,” and 1-2 sentence answers on the board. Once we discuss the responses to your questions, we will all consider the following: what criteria can we use to determine the validity of “sources”?
  • 1. What is the New Deal and what sorts of economic and cultural pressures did it respond? 
  • 2. Was the New Deal Successful, why/why not?
  • 3. How does the New Deal of the early 20th c. compare to the Green Deal that uses FDR’s vision as a template to reconfigure social, economic, and environmental relations?

Analysis: Presentation Forms


Keep the following in mind as we watch Doyle Canning’ TEDx talk on the Green New Deal:

  • 1. What’s the overall goal of Canning’s talk?
  • 2. What are the major rhetorical features of her talk, i.e. what sorts of key terms or phrases does she use to frame her description?
  • 3. How does she use images in her talk, i.e what images stood out to you? How does she use the images to surprise the audience, inform them, provide context, etc.?


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