Feb 14. Threats to the Future & Utopia, Book II


  • If you did not complete a panel presentation or class lead that you were scheduled for, please email me for a make-up date by Monday, Feb 18. If you do not email me for a make-up date, you will earn a zero for the assignment.
  • We have a guest speaker on Tuesday, February 19, so Class Leads for Thursday, February 21 please come prepared with an overview highlights from today’s discussion of Utopia Book II and the guest speaker as well. Class Lead discussion questions for 2/21 should cover the first act of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. You can read The Tempest in hard copy or online.


Take 5-8 minutes and respond to the following prompt without stopping:
What do you think poses the single greatest threat to the future of life on earth? Why?

Class Leads

  • Recap main points from Tuesday’s discussion of Utopia, book I and then write your favorite discussion question from Utopia, Book II on the board. Everyone else, take a couple of minutes to think through the questions, and we will chat about them.

Class Section Students
1102. F3 Nicholas, Audrey & Jackson
1102.HP2 Nicholas & Andrew T.
1102.D3. Nikhil, Kelsey, & Sahchi

Elements of Utopia

Take 2 minutes and think through the following: according to Raphael, how has the elimination of private property transformed the following elements of Utopian society.

(Time permitting: when you are ready, explain how at least two elements have transformed under the topic heading on the board.)

  • Geography/city and neighborhood planning
  • Interpersonal and social relationships
  • Labor Practices and slavery
  • Economic Practices
  • Religion and moral philosophy
  • Travel and trade
  • Education
  • Law
  • Government


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