4 April. Collaborative Script Generator (Remote)

Please find links to shared Googled Docs below. Click on your group link, and complete the tasked assigned in the Doc. Please email with any questions.

1102.F3 1102.HP3 1102.D3
Group 1: Sidd, Ashley, Le, Anna, and Matthew S. Group 7: Michael W., Craig, Mael-Sahn, Alhana Group 12: Dylan
Group 2: Matthew Audrey, Roni, Tori, and Jackson Group 8: Asha, Nicholas, and Mohan Group 13: Parth, Justin, Anu, Achal
Group 3: Anish, Thiago, George, Omar, Jeanette Group 9: Azhar, Nikolay, and Jeffrey Group 14: Uti, Lama, Ali
Group 4: Nicolas, Gabriel, Thomas, Luke, and Darren Group 10: Josh, Matt M., Hasha, and Andrew T. Group 15: Jami, Morgan, Kelsey, Kyle, and Lilly
Group 5: Valerie and Dalila Group 11: Danielle, Ricky, Andrew B., Felipe Group 16: Jessica, Jennifer, Sachi, Kia, and Brian
Group 6: Isabelle, Catherine, and Morgan Group 17: Marc, Nikhil, Andrew, and Cory
Group 18: Michael, Sidd, and Damian

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