28 March. The Future of ATL.


  • 1. Because I asked you to upload the pic of your object to Canvas yesterday, you may have accidentally deleted you paper. Will you check Canvas now to be sure you have submitted both the paper and the image?
  • 2. We drafted reflections on the Video Essay back on Feb 12. If you want to draft that response, here’s a link to the Feb 12 class plan.

Podcast Working Groups

Please get into the groups listed below and complete the following:

  • 1. Introduce yourselves (if necessary) and exchange contact information/establish best way to communicate
  • 2. Review the Podcast Assignment Requirements and start to plan/schedule
  • 3. Make a list of your favorite podcasts and then explain to one another what it is that you like about your favorite podcasts/what makes them successful or your favorite. If you and your group do not have a favorite, check out the top 2 or 3 ranked podcasts on iTunes or Spotify and then assess what makes them successful
  • 4. Check out our community partners’ websites and talk about which of the partners you most want on Quest Community Development, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, and the ATL Beltline. Please note: if there are other community or campus partners you would rather work with, please let me know.

1102.F3 1102.HP3 1102.D3
Group 1: Sidd, Ashley, Le, Anna, and Matthew S. Group 7: Michael W., Craig, Mael-Sahn, Alhana Group 12: Dylan
Group 2: Matthew Audrey, Roni, Tori, and Jackson Group 8: Asha, Nicholas, and Mohan Group 13: Parth, Justin, Anu, Achal
Group 3: Anish, Thiago, George, Omar, Jeanette Group 9: Azhar, Nikolay, and Jeffrey Group 14: Uti, Lama, Ali
Group 4: Nicolas, Gabriel, Thomas, Luke, and Darren Group 10: Josh, Matt M., Hasha, and Andrew T. Group 15: Jami, Morgan, Kelsey, Kyle, and Lilly
Group 5: Valerie and Dalila Group 11: Danielle, Ricky, Andrew B., Felipe Group 16: Jessica, Jennifer, Sachi, Kia, and Brian
Group 6: Isabelle, Catherine, and Morgan Group 17 (purple): Marc, Nikhil, Andrew, and Cory
Group 18: Michael, Sidd, and Damian

Discussion: The Future of Urban Nature

  • 1. Class Leads ask a few questions about the reading
  • 2. Given what we have learned about concepts of future or futurity so far this semester, what sorts of ideas about the future structure city planning?
  • 3. How does Dan Immergluck’s column respond to the projects outlined in the Slate article? What’s your assessment of Immergluck’s response?

Story Telling Exercise

Complete the following in small groups and be prepared to share your findings with the class:
  • 1. Choose one of the five urban redevelopment projects described in the Slate article (LA River, CA Bullet Train, Manhattan Bike Share, Chicago Millennium Reserve Initiative, or the ATL Beltline)
  • 2. convert a written story into a visual one; recast the issue as a dialogue; tell the story from your first-person point of view; or rewrite the story as an allegory.


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