26 Feb. The Tempest, Acts 2 & 3

Featured Image Lucas Cranach The Elder, The Golden Age


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  • 2. Class is held remotely today. scroll down to see the remote activity.

Remote Response Activity

For this remote assignment, click on your name/Group link, which will direct you to a Google Doc. Once inside the doc follow the directions there. Please note that once you click into the doc, I will have to approve your access. I’ll be online all day, so email with questions. Thanks for your understanding!!


ENGL 1102.F3 ENGL 1102.HP2 ENGL 1102.D3
Group 1: Anna, Nicolas, Jeanette, Thomas, & Catherine Group 1: Michael, Azhar, Nikolay Group 1: Ali, Cory, Marc, Kia, & Jennifer
Group 2: Matthew A., Luke, Le, Omar, & Roni Group 2: Andrew B., Richard, & Mael-Sahn Group 2: Kyle, Jessica, Uti, Lily, & Achal
Group 3: Siddharth, Darren, Morgan, Gabriel, & Jackson Group 3: Joshua, Andrew T., & Nickolas Group 3: Lama, Nikhil, Andrew, Brian, & Sidd
Group 4: Ashley, Valeriia, Anish, Isabelle, & Tori  Group 4: Mohan, Danielle, Alhana, & Felipe Group 4: Anu, Kelsey, Morgan, Michael, & Parth
Group 5: Dalila, Thiago, George, Audrey, & Matthew S. Group 5: Craig, Jeffrey, Asha, & Harsha Group 5: Dylan, Damian, Justin, Sachi, & Jami


New World Curiosities

Fold-out engraving from Ferrante Imperato’s Dell’Historia Naturale (Naples 1599), the earliest illustration of a natural history cabinet

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