12 Feb. Reflection & Utopia.

Video Essay, Reflection

Please take 5-8 minutes and respond to one or more of the following prompts. Be prepared to share your answers:
  • 1.Narrate your process in composing the Video Essay. Where did your ideas come from and how did they evolve. Describe your composition process how did the project evolve though stages such as invention, prewriting, outlining, drafting peer review, revising, editing?. 
  • 2.What is your argument or purpose in the Video Essay, and how did you make your argument or purpose visible and persuasive in your artifact?
  • 3.What are the defining features of the genre or media that you used in the Video Essay, and how did you make use of those features?

New Futures Invention Project Overview

Thomas More, B/G

Discussion: Utopia Book I

  • Class leaders: spend 5 or so minutes giving an overview of the main features of the Invention Studio and then write your best discussion question for Thomas More’s Utopia, Book I on the board. 

Class Section Students
1102. F3 Luke, Morgan & Thomas
1102.HP2 Andrew B. & Azhar
1102.D3. Anu, Marc, & Jessica

Part II. Problem/Solutions

Let’s chat about the following:
  • 1. What are the major problems facing England?
  • 2. What are some proposed solutions?
  • 3. Why do you think Thomas More, the author, communicated his critique of England’s social and economic problems through an imaginary dialogue?


Respond to the following prompt without stopping:
What do you think poses the single greatest threat to the future of life on earth? Why?


Universalis Cosmographia, the Waldseemüller wall map dated 1507, Amerigo Vespucci

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