Calendar, Spring 19

Days/Dates In-Class Activities Reading&Assignments Due
T, Jan 8 Overview of course goals, policies, and assignments

Introduction to you and to course themes

Discuss: Common Assignment & resources

R, Jan 10 Skills:WOVEN Communication & iMovie basics

Discussion:How come our futures have no future?

First Video W/S

WOVENText (WCP & WOVEN Basics: 1-49 & First Week Video: 94-6)

Lepore, “A Golden Age of Dystopian Fiction”

Bring digital copy of Video script or draft to class for W/S

T, Jan 15 First Week Video Reflection

Portfolio Workshop 1

Discussion:The emotional appeal of the future

First Week Video uploaded to Canvas by 11:59 PM  

WOVENText (Final Portfolio 97-99 & Using Mahara 99-102)

Davies, “Sustainable Nostalgia,” (262-268)

R, Jan 17 Skills: Design Basics & Close Reading

Discussion: “The Future Eaters” 

Signed Student Instructor Form

WOVENText (Analyzing Design Choices 113-118)

Nixon, “Scenes from the Seabed: The Future of Dissent” (263-273)

T, Jan 22 Class Cancelled

Blog Post: Textual Analysis Due to your section feed by 11:59PM

R, Jan 24 Discussion: “the tyranny of the contemporary”

Tool Workshop: Story Boarding

Fritsch, “Democracy, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice” (27-45)

T, Jan 29 Class Cancelled

R, Jan 31  Skills: Scene Analysis & Transitions

Discussion: Save the Child save the Future? Refuse the child save the future?

Sheldon, “Future” (23-53)

Blog Post: Scene Analysis Due to your section feed by 11:59PM

T, Feb 5  Video Essay Workshop 2

Panel 1: come prepared to present on your Video Essays and lead small group peer response workshop

Bring a draft of your video essay (what ever you have completed so far)

R, Feb 7 Tech Invention Studio Tour

Meet at the Invention Studio

Invention Studio Location

Ezra Klein Show, “N.K. Jemisin’s master class in world building

T, Feb 12 Skills: Dialogue

Discussion: Possible Futures and Video Essay Reflection

Class Leads: give us an overview of the Invention Studio tour (5 mins max) and each ask one discussion question to get us going on More’s Utopia.

More, Utopia, Book 1

Video Essay Due: Submit a YouTube link to the essay to Canvas by 11:59 PM

R, Feb 14 Skills: Organization and Canvas Portfolio Maker Overview

Discussion: Reproduction

Class Leads

More, Utopia, Book 2

Blog Post: What’s the most significant threat to the future of life on earth? by 11:59 to your course feed

T, Feb 19 Skills: War of theWorld Building

Guest Speaker, Karen Viars

Discussion: How/why did More con his audience?

More & Friends Letters

R, Feb 21  Skills: Characterization

Discussion: How does the past interrupt the present?

Class Leads

Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1

T, Feb 26 Skills: The Official Story

Class Held Remotely 

Class Leads

Shakespeare, The Tempest, Acts 2-3

Blog Post: Advertisement for your future world by 11:59 to your course feed

R, Feb 28 Skills: The Other Gesture

Discussion: Future home?

Class Leads

Shakespeare, The Tempest, Acts 4-5

T, March 5 Skills: Making Blue Prints

Discussion: Technology

Class Leads

Cavendish, The Blazing World, (6-33)

Blog Post: Blue print for your future world’s technology

R, March 7 Skills: sentence level & layout/page design

Discussion: Women in Science Fiction/Futures

Class Leads

Cavendish, The Blazing World, (37-77)

If pagination differs, end at this sentence: ”

“ for Fear, though it makes people obey, yet does it not last so long, nor is it so sure a means to keep them to their duties, as Love.”

Panel 2 w/s presenters debrief last 10 mins of class

T, March 12 Charlie Bennett, Guest Speaker, “How to Podcast”

R, March 14 New Futures Project Presentation

New Futures Project Workshop

Panel 2: come prepared to present on your New Futures Project and lead small group peer response workshop

T, March 19 Spring Break

R, March 21 Spring Break

T, March 26 Campus Sustainability Tour Campus tour has been cancelled

Meet in our classrooms

Object Reflection & Final Portfolio Overview

New Futures Project Due both in class and uploaded to Canvas

R, March 28 Modes of Address/Environmental Story Telling

Podcast group planning

Doig, “The Bold Urban Future Starts Now

Immergluck, “Sustainable for Whom? Large-Scale Urban Development Projects and ‘Environmental Gentrification’

T, April 2 TBA

Class Leads

Gravel, “Our Beltline

The Atlanta Beltline: A Train Off Its Tracks

R, April 4 Class Held Remotely (Google Doc)

Podcast Editing

Class Leads

Samuel, “The Trouble with Atlanta’s Proctor Creek” & “How Proctor Creek Health Problems Affect Those Living Nearby

Compose scripts in Google Docs instead of blog post

T, April 9 Field recording

HP3: Quest Community Development Center

F3 & D3: Sonic IDs drafting

Class Leads

EPA, “Urban Waters and the Proctor Creek Watershed/ATL

Klepal, “Atlanta Council Committee Wants Reports on Sewage Spills

R, April 11 Please meet in

Clough 144 at 11:00 to 11:50

for a presentation by community partners from WAWA, the Beltline, and Quest Community Center. Due to the presentation, there will be no regularly scheduled class times this date

T, April 16 Podcast Project Presentation

Podcast Project Presentation

Final Portfolio W/S

Panel 3: come prepared to present on your Podcast Project and lead small group peer response workshop

R, April 18 Podcast Group Editing Day

No regularly scheduled class

Blog Post: Sonic ID

T, April 23 Final Portfolio Workshop

Skills: Mahara Submission Process

Class Leads

Bring Reflective Intro. Essay Draft

Podcast Project Due Uploaded to Canvas by 11:59 PM

M, April 29 Finals: ENGL.F3 (9:30-10:45)

Final Portfolio Due by 11:59 PM
R, May 2 Finals: ENGL.HP2 (12:00-1:15)

Final Portfolio Due by 11:59 PM
R, May 2 Finals: ENGL.D2 (1:30-2:45)

Final Portfolio Due by 11:59 PM