Calendar, Spring 2020


Days/Times In-Class Activities Readings/Projects Due
T, Jan 7 Introduction to one another, course themes, policies, and assignments
R, Jan 9 Discussion: what happens when we try to save the future?

W/S: Composing the First Week Video Assignment 

First Week Video Script or Draft

Cohen, “Noah’s Arkive” (21 par.)

T, Jan 14 Portfolio Workshop 1

Discussion: The emotional appeal of the future

First Week Video Due: submit a YouTube link to the essay to Canvas by 11:59PM 

Davies, “Sustainable Nostalgia,” (262-268)

Reading Quiz 1

R, Jan 16 Class Cancelled Today Only
T, Jan 21 Discussion: Representing the Future

Carbon Footprint Calculators

Signed Student Instructor Form

Houser, “Human/Planetary” (144-160)

R, Jan 23 Discussion: Save the Child save the Future? Refuse the child save the future?

Skills:Skills: Writing Argument

Sheldon, “Future” (23-53)

Reading Quiz 2

T, Jan 28 Skills: Image Analysis & Story Boarding PD1: Theoretical Analysis due to Canvas by 11:59

Visual Design tools ‘How-To’ project

R, Jan 30 Poster Workshop

Visit Multimedia Studio

PD2: Image Analysis due posted to Canvas by 11:59

Be prepared to discuss the image you chose to analyze for your poster project

T, Feb 4 Poster Session 1 Group 1: Present poster

Group 2: Respond to posters

R, Feb 6 Poster Session 2 Group 2: Present poster

Group 1: Respond to posters

T, Feb 11 Portfolio Workshop 2

Discussion: What’s the Deal with the Green New Deal?

Final Poster Due to Canvas by 11:59 PM


Sunrise Movement, “Message from the Future”

R, Feb 13 Discussion: New Deal & the Great Society

Skills: Providing Context

Maher, “A New Deal Body Politic: Labor, Landscape, and the Civilian Conservation Corps” (435-61)

Reading Quiz 3

T, Feb 18 Discussion: Nature & Politics

Skills: Argument

PD3: Group Presentation Proposal

Class Held Remotely

R, Feb 20 Discussion: Conservation Rhetoric

Skills: Recycling Conservation Rhetoric

Carson, Silent Spring (1-13)

T, Feb 25 Discussion: Future Pasts & Home

Skills: Visualizing new futures

hooks, belonging (1-24)

Reading Quiz 4

R, Feb 27 Presentation, Groups Presentation Group Times
T, March 3 Presentation, Groups Class Cancelled 
R, March 5 Presentations Presentation Group Times
T, March 10 Presentations

Presentation Group Times

Portfolio Workshop 3

R, March 12 Presentations

Portfolio W/S 3

Presentation Group Times

T, March 17 Spring Break No Class
R, March 19 Spring Break No Class
T, March 24 Class Cancelled
No Class
R, March 26 Class Canceled No Class

T, March 31 Portfolio Workshop 3 Final Draft Presentation Due to Canvas by 11:59 PM
R, April 2 Worldbuilding N.K. Jemisin’s master class in world building | The Ezra Klein Show

PD4: World Building Worksheet

T, April 7 Discussion: Past in the Present

Skills: Characterization

More, Utopia, Book 1

R, April 9 Discussion: Interconnectivity

Skills: Visualization

More, Utopia, Book 2

PD5: Advertising Your Future

T, April 14 Drop-in Hours, 9:00-11:00  I’ll be available to chat via bluejeans 9-11 today. Here’s the link
R, April 16 Drop-in Hours, 9:00-11:00  I’ll be available to chat via bluejeans 9-11 today. Here’s the link
T, April 21 Remote Portfolio W/S New Futures Due to Canvas by 11:59 PM or no later than Friday, April 24 by 3:00 PM
M, April 30 Finals: ENGL.N7 (12:00-1:15) Final Portfolio Due by 11:59 PM
R, April 30 Finals: ENGL.F3 (9:30-10:45) Final Portfolio Due by 11:59 PM