Calendar, Summer 2019

Days/Dates In-Class Activities Assignments Due
W, June 19 Introduction to one another, course themes, policies, and assignments

What films, shows, and games best represents the future?

Ahmed, “New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization  Coming to an End’ in 2050” (Vice 4 June 2019)

R, June 20 Discussion: Saving the Future and apocalyptic thinking

Close Reading/Writing

Cohen, “Noah’s Arkive” (21 par.)

Process Doc 1: Theoretical Analysis, upload to Canvas by 11:59

F, June 21 Opening Workshop, 1:00PM-3:00PM

Clough 144

Only required for SLS Sustainability track students

Equitable & Sustainable Communities summer framework

M, June 24 Discussion: Representing the Future

Visual Design tools ‘How-To’/Poster Drafting

Houser, “Human/Planetary” (144-160)

Deshdeep, “Build Better User Experience With C.R.A.P. Design Principles”

Process Doc 2: Scene Analysis, upload to Canvas by 11:59

T, June 25 Poster Draft Workshop

Drafting Posters in-class

W, June 26 Poster Workshop

Discussion: Sustainable Futures?

Poster Draft, (8.5” x 11” print out)

Davies, Jeremy. “Sustainable Nostalgia.” Memory Studies 3.3 (2010): 262-268.

R, June 27 Discussion: Solutions Poster Session

Process Doc 3: What’s the greatest threat to the continued existence of life on earth?, upload to Canvas by 11:59

M, July 1 Class Held Remotely

Poster Reflection

World Building Activity

Final Poster Due

N.K. Jemisin’s master class in world building  The Ezra Klein Show Upload

Process Doc 4: World Building Worksheet (Complete in Google Doc by 5:00 PM)

T, July 2 Independent Conferences, Group 1

Conference Times TBA
W, July 3 Independent Conferences, Group 2

Conference Times TBA
R, July 4 School Holiday, No Class
M, July 8 Partner Panel Presentation: Making Atlanta’s Future

12:30 PM – 1:45 PM, Room 1447, in Klaus, College of Computing

Bring at least one question for the panelists
T, July 9 Discussion: The Official Story and the Other Gesture

More, Utopia, Book 1 

W, July 10 Discussion: Future home?

More, Utopia, Book 2

Process Doc 5: Advertising Your Future

R, July 11 New Futures Workshop Thomas More’s Letters (Selections)

New Futures Draft

M, July 15 Discussion: Mapping ATL’s Future

New Futures Reflection

Portfolio Workshop

New Futures Due

Gentrification in Atlanta’s West End

Westside Atlanta: Blue Prints for Successful Communities (reference for presentation project)

T, July 16 Park Visit: Meeting at Lindsey St. Park (Atlanta, GA 30314) and, possibly, walking to Katherine St. Park

Speakers: Mother Moore and Annie

Lindsay Street Park/Conservation Fund

Lindsey Street Park Transformation Videos: Construction, Workforce Development, Ribbon Cutting

Lindsay Street Park Overview

Ambassador Park Overview

W, July 17 Discussion: Rendering Pollution/Remapping

“A Family’s Search for Affordable Housing in Atlanta”

Schuetz, “Cost, Crowding, or Commuting? Housing Stress on the Middle Class”

R, July 18 No face to face class meeting. If you would like to discuss your presentation drafts, you are welcome to drop by my office, Hall 006, any time 11-2. Process Doc 6: PechaKutcha Script

F, July 19 iGniTe Closing Workshop, 1:00PM-3:00PM

Brittain Rec Room

Complete this worksheet, Final Summer Session Workshop Critical Reflection Worksheet

M, July 22 Pecha Kutcha Presentations, Group 1

T, July 23 Pecha Kutcha Presentations, Group 2

W, July 24 Pecha Kutcha Reflection

Portfolio Workshop

Pecha Kutcha Slide Shares Due

Portfolio Draft Due

F, Aug 2 No Class

Portfolios due to Canvas by 11:59PM