Scene Analysis


How does a scene from a movie, TV show, or video game of your choice illustrate or exemplify what one, or more, of the authors we have read so far this semester, says about the future? In other words, how does the concept of the future in the text you plan to examine for the final draft of the Video Essay affect society, ecology, or technology? 

  • 1. For full credit your response to the prompt above can be either 500 words long OR 1-2 minutes of a draft from your Video Essay in which you respond to the question in narrative over the scene you plan to analyze.
  • 2. Regardless of mode, remember to briefly cite the idea from our reading you plan to illustrate. Also, remember to describe the formal details of your scene, i.e. description of light, shade, camera angle, alignment, proximity, sound/silence, foreground/background, etc., as you work through your analysis.
  • 3. All Blog Posts must be in MLA format when applicable and also include a featured image. The image you choose can illustrate claims made in the post, or you may want to pull a still image from the contemporary movie, TV show, or video game you plan to analyze for the Video Essay.

Citing Images From a Database in MLA

Citing Movies, TV Shows, and Games in MLA

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