“Object” Blue Print

For full credit, please complete the following:
  • 1. In CAD Software or another design medium of your choice (including hand drawing and then scanning your drawing) create a “blueprint” or visual draft of the 3D object that you plan to create to represent your world. Your “blue print” should give the reader some sense of what to expect in the final version of the object, i.e. dimensions, material, and scale.

    Remember the object you make should be a model of a technological invention in your future world or an “artifact/curiosity” that represents some element of the society you have invented. The object should be small enough to fit inside a shoebox, approx. 4-6″ x 4-6″ 

  • 2. Please also include a 150-300 word general description of your object, i.e. if you are rendering technology from your future world, what does that tech do/what problems does it solve? If you are rendering a curiosity, what portion of your world does that object represent? If you are rendering an artifact, what purpose does that artifact serve?.
  • 3. MLA format if necessary

Citing Images from a Database 

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