Blog Post: What’s the most significant threat to the future of life on earth? 

Featured Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Images


In 200-600 words, explain what you think poses the single greatest threat to the future of life on earth. Please include at least one link to an online example of the threat you discuss as well as a Featured Image and at least one in-text image. Be sure to briefly explain why you think the threat you chose surpasses other threats. Also, offer a few ways you think the threat can be neutralized.

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  • In the world there are many possible forces that could threaten human nature from global warming to nuclear warfare, however I see a different issue as the most important. I believe that the biggest threat to life on earth is going to be rapid population growth. At the rapid growth the human population is expanding eventually there will be no more space on this earth. Resources will run out at a faster pace than our technology can make up for. This happens in nature as a species reaches its carrying capacity. The species then suffers from a large population drop due to lack of prey and other supplies needed for the large population. As humans we have greatly increased our carrying capacity through technological advances like GMOs. However one day no matter the technology there wont be sufficient resources and the world will suffer from a population crisis. China has already realized this as they passed the one child policy in 1979. This restricted each couple to only have one child in order to decrease the population. This was efficient for them in terms of reducing the population but came with many negative side effects like a gender shift to males as parents only wanted boys rather than girls to inherit property and power. This was not a good solution to the issue. I do believe this is the biggest issue concerning human kind especially because of all of the issues that come along with it like excessive pollution, deforestation, extinction of animals, etc.

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