Sonic IDs

What is a Sonic ID?

All radio stations have to give their call signs at least once per hour. “Sonic IDs” develop from the template of the “call sign” to include “community vignettes — portraits, anecdotes, oral histories, overheard conversation, short poems, jokes, slices of life” (Allison par. 4). According to Jay Allison, Sonic Id’s “are sudden narratives or images — like photographs for radio” (par 4).


Please complete the following for full credit:
  • 1. Create a 30-60 Sonic Id about your community partner or Podcast topic. You can use audio you collect yourself or that you source from archives/internet.
  • 2. The ID can advertise the Podcast, provide a portrait of a character or place, relate an anecdote, tell a joke, or provide a slice of life.
  • 3. Upload your Sonic ID by Thursday, April 18 to you course blog feed as a .mp3. Remember to also include the Sonic ID in your final portfolio as a process document for the Podcast.


For more on what Sonic IDs are and how to compose them, please see the following resources:


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