Assignments, Spring 19

Assignment Value Description
First Week Video 5% Introductory video project to be completed during the first week of class and common to all ENGL 1101/2 courses. The 60-90 second videos will be in response to the assign prompts, recorded in the tool of your choice, and uploaded to Canvas.
Blog Post Prompts 10% Series of multimedia posts written in response to assigned prompts and published to the course site.
Video Essay 20% 4-6 minute Video Essay (or walk through) in which you make a claim about how the concept of the future mediates social, technological, and environmental relationships in a contemporary film, TV show, or video game of your choice. Video Essays must explore ideas from at least one of the theoretical readings, and submitted to Canvas as a YouTube link with a Works Cited.
New Futures Invention Project 20% This project is in two parts, in the first you provide a 5-7 page written narrative of a  future world of your own invention, and in the second part, you design and build a three-dimensional model of a technology or technological object that helps the future you envision survive/thrive.
Podcast 20% Completed separately or in groups, in this project you will create a podcast to represent ways development at either Procter Creek or Beltline anticipate Atlanta’s future by redressing present problems. Each podcast to include at least one interview.
Final Portfolio 15% Final, multimodal, showcase portfolio required of all 1101/2 students in lieu of a final exam. Composed in Mahara, portfolio to include a 1200-1800-word reflective essay, the First Week Video, and three other multimodal artifacts
Presentations 10% Each of you will be assigned a panel presentation on one of the three main artifacts. You will also be responsible, in pairs, to take note during a class and lead class discussion the successive date.