Assignment Value Description
Process Documents 15% Series of multimedia documents, composed in response to assigned prompts, and designed to help you invent, plan, draft, revise, and reflect on major class projects.
Discussions 15% Series of responses & comments composed in the Discussion section of Canvas. For full credit you will respond to the prompt in 3-5 sentences and then comment on at least two peer responses in 2-3 sentences on or before the required time/date. .
Poster 15% In your Posters you will use a contemporary visual media text of your choice to illustrate a key concept you drawn from one or more of our assigned theoretical readings (Cohen, Nixon, and/or hooks). In addition to your poster, you will write an approx.400-800 word “Pitch,” where you argue how the media you selected illustrates the concept you chose. For full credit, upload the Poster and Pitch to Canvas on or before the required time/date. 
New Futures Invention Project 20% For this project, you will invent a future world that solves the problem you think most threatens the continued existence of life on Earth, while also exploring the interconnected social, ecological, and economic ramifications of your solution. The final draft will be 2,000-2,500 words, include some illustrations, and be uploaded to Canvas as .pdf on or before the required time/date.
Pecha Kutcha Video 20% For this project you will create a 20X20 slide show from 10 years in the future presentations that imagine what it would look like if a goal or project outlined by HR109 has been implemented. For full credit you will perform your present for the class and then convert your presentation into a slideshow with an audio track.
Final Portfolio 15% Final, multimodal, showcase portfolio required of all 1101/2 students in lieu of a final exam. Composed in Canvas, the portfolio includes a 1200-1800-word reflective essay, three other multimodal artifacts, and attendant process documents. Submit URL to Canvas on or before required time/date.