Video Essay


The Video Essay is worth 20% of your total grade: 
This project is in two parts, in the first you provide a written narrative of a  future world of your own invention, and in the second part, you design and build a three-dimensional model of a technology or technological object that helps the future you envision survive/thrive.


Upon completion of their Video Essay, students should be able to
  • 1. Define ideas key to the course, i.e. future, sustainability, democracy, present, and ecology
  • 2. Recognize ways contemporary media represents ideas that are key to the course 
  • 3. Apply key features of visual rhetoric, i.e. contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity to persuade audiences of the potential of their arguments


Please produce a 4-6 minute Video Essay in response to the following:
How does the concept of the future affect society, ecology, and/or technology in contemporary media?


For full credit, you video essay must include the following:

  • 1. Make a claim about the uses of the “future” in the text you chose in response to the prompt and develop that claim through textual analysis
  • 2. Cite and analyze at least one ideas from at least one of the theoretical readings (Lapore, Davies, Fritsch, or Sheldon)
  • 3. Explicate at least one scene or sequence from the text you chose via key concepts in visual design such as contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity  
  • 4. Include some combination moving images, still images, audio queues, voice over, and/or animation
  • 5. Draw conclusions and/or provoke questions about the relationship between concepts of futurity and environmental health in the final portion of the video


Please consider the following as you compose:
  • 1. You are welcome to compose the Video Essay in the tool of your choice, but please note that Georgia Tech supports iMovie
  • 2. Submit a YouTube link to your Video Essay to Canvas on or before the due date
  • 3. Submit a Works Cited that includes all texts, images, and videos used in the Video Essay as a separate document to Canvas on or before the due date. For instructions on how to cite texts see the MLA Page in Perdue OWL and for instructions on how to cite Images from a database see the Colgate Visual Resources Library.

Process Documents

Please include the following process documents in your portfolio:
  • 1. Theoretical Analysis
  • 2. Scene Analysis
  • 3. In-class Activities