The Podcast is worth 20% of your total grade: 
Completed separately or in groups, in this project you will create a podcast to represent ways development at either Procter Creek or Beltline anticipate Atlanta’s future by redressing present problems. Each podcast to include at least one interview.


Upon completion of their project, students should be able to
  • 1. Identify relationships among ecological, social, and economic systems
  • 2. Demonstrate skills needed to work effectively in different types of communities
  • 3. Evaluate how decisions impact the sustainability of communities
  • 4. Collaborate with peers and community partners to investigate ways we can protect the future without destroying the present

Podcast Requirements

In groups of your own choice, or on your own, please complete the following for full credit:

  • Produce a podcast that is at least 7 minutes long, but not longer than 12 minutes long, in response to the following: how are community partners working to safeguard the future for Atlanta residents by developing the Beltline OR Procter Creek?
  • Specs:For full credit your podcast must contain at least one interview, provide detailed examination of one aspect of the area you chose, describe its problems, and then investigate how those problems are being addressed. You must also explain how the concept of the future, as you define it in your podcast, guides the development projects. What are the successes of the project? What are some potential drawbacks?
  • Finally, each member of the group must submit a 500 word description of your composition process and an annotated bibliography with a minimum of four sources, two of which must be scholarly.