New Futures Invention Project


The New Futures Invention Project is worth 20% of your total grade:
This project is in two parts, in the first you provide a written narrative of a  future world of your own invention, and in the second part, you design and build a three-dimensional model of a technology or technological object that helps the future you envision survive/thrive.


Upon completion of their project, students should be able to
  • 1. Recognize ways concepts of ‘the future’ participate in the production of power and identity categories
  • 2. Historicize ‘the future’ and describe ways it has changed over time 
  • 3. Apply key features of both ‘the future’ and early modern speculative fiction in your own creative writing and 3D models
  • 3. Persuade audiences of your ‘future’s’ potential

Part I Requirements

Please complete the following for full credit:

Drawing on Utopia, The Tempest, and/or The Blazing World for inspiration, in 5-7 pages,  invent a future world that solves the problem you think most threatens the destroy the future of life on earth. Your New Future must include a short Introduction that sets up the world, and then including a description of at least five of the following topics: Government, Economy, Education, Geography, Transportation, Agriculture, Reproduction, Identity, Medicine, and Technology. Please develop layout and design that helps readers to better understand your vision for the future, i.e incorporate visual interest (i.e. your brochure, images, your blueprint, etc.)

Part II Requirements

Please complete the following for full credit:

With the help of the Invention Studio, and drawing on the authors we read this semester for inspiration, render in a 3D medium of your choice the major technology does your future world rely on to redress the problems we experience in the present.